Bairak english

Bairak english




Bairak Mykola Volodumurovich



Date of birth: 04 May 1963

Place of birth: Ukraine, Dnipropetrovskiy region, selo Krasne

Citizenship: Ukrainian from 1991

Nationality: Ukrainian

Education: Higher education, graduated:

·        Dniprodzherzhinskiy industrial Institute in 1995, qualification - metallurgical engineer

·        National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine, qualification - master of public administration

Scientific level: candidate of political science

Prizes: Order of III level, official document from the President from Ukraine, document from Regional Rada in Zaporozhe, document from Ministry of extraordinary situations of Ukraine

Participation in elected body: Deputy of Ukraine (1994-1998), Deputy of Regional Rada in Zaporozhe (2002-2006)

The social scene: President of Assosiation of trade unions in Dnipropetrovsk  (1991-1998), Vice President of MP's Club Parliamet (1999-2003), Vice President of Federation of fitness and bodybuilders in Ukraine (from 1997), President of pugilism federation  in Zaporozhe region (from 2001), Head of magazine "Narodniy deputy" (from 2004), Member of European Association of former Members of Parliament

Marital status: Married, has a daughter from 1986

Work in the past

1985-1988 - Southern Engineering plant, assistant of foreman, master, processing engineer (Dnipropetronsk)

1988-1994 - "DniproAzot", master, mechanical engineer, assistant of director, assistant chief, Head of integration committee ( Dniprodzherzhinks)

1994-1998 - Deputy in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the II convocation (Kyiv)

1998-2000 - Ukrainian Academy of political science, consultant (Kyiv)

2000-2001 - Ministry of extraordinary situations of Ukraine, director (Kyiv)

2001-2003 - Deputy of Regional Rada in Zaporozhe (Zaporozhe)

2003 till now - President of MP's Club Parliament (Kyiv)