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Bozer english




Honorary President of the FP-AP

Born in Ankara on 28th July 1925

Ahmet Rasim Sk n35/5




Tel. : + 90 312 43 84 506 (Ankara)

Tel. : + 90 216 369 57 74 (Istanbul)

Fax : + 90 312 442 41 13

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Ankara University in 1947
and became Doctor in Law at the Faculty of Law of the Swiss Neuchatel
University in 1951.


1955 : Associate-Professor at he Ankara Faculty of Law.  He participated
in a research program at the Faculty of Law-Harvard University in 1955-56. 

During the 1960-62 period he was assigned as acting Associate Professor
and Head of Commercial Law Department of the Ankara Law Faculty. 
He became full professor in 1965.

1961-1981 : Served as member of the Executive Board of OYAK (Army
Mutual Assistance Institution) and its subsidiaries, as Member of Executive
Board and President of OYAK-Renault and member and Deputy President
of the Governing Board of the Turkish Radio and Television Administration. 
During the same period he was also legal advisor to various public and
private institutions.  He was elected Judge to the Court of Human Rights of
the Council of Europe for several years.

1981-1983 : Minister of Customs and Monopolies.

1983 : Elected member of Parliament and became Deputy President of the
Parliamentary Group of the National Democratic Party. 
Also elected as member
to the Consultative Assembly and the Legal Committee of the Council of Europe.

17.10.1986 : Appointed as Minister of State in charge of European Community Affairs. 

29.11.1987 : Elected to the Parliament as Deputy from Içel at the general elections
and appointed the same portfolio as Minister of State in the second Özal Government.

31.3.1989 : Assigned Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State in the same
He exercised the functions of acting Prime Minister, after the
election as President of the Republic of Premier Turgut Özal, until the designation
of the new Prime Minister.

9.11.1989 : Assigned to the same post in the Government of Prime Minister
Yildirim Akbulut.

1990 : Appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

July 1991 : Elected to the Co-Presidency of Turkey-EC Joint Parliamentary

2002-March 2004 : President of the European Association of former MP's

Decorations :

Legion d'Honneur and "European Merite".

Marital status :

Married and 3 sons.