Carvalho english

Carvalho english






Representative of AEDAR - Associação de Ex. Deputados da Assembleia
da República ( Portugal)

Rua Tomas Ribeiro, 45 - 7°, 1050-225 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel. 351-21-355 20 70 - mobile : 351-93-3552070

Fax : 351-21-354 85 40; e-mail :

Born on June 7, 1945

Portuguese, married, 5 children


Portuguese (mother tongue)

English and French (fluent)

Spanish (working knowledge)

Summary of Expertise

His career began as a lawyer, and later developed the activity of jurisconsult, (consultant) on the
consultancy of several public and private entities.He has a Master Degree in Political and Economic
Science, he is a University Professor in ISEG including in the MBA. He obtained a Doctorate degree
in the University of Montpellier, France. (Political science)

Legal studies, legislative expertise as Member of Parliament, Twice elected (1976 and 1981). Member
of Government and consultant in management. Was also elected in the municipal council election for
Lisbon (1976) and Alenquer (2001).

Field Experience

Andorra, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, United States, Belgium, Angola, Brazil,
Mozambique, Argentina, Sao Tome and Principe, Cap Vert, Madeira, Luxembourg, Japan, Canada,
South-Korea, Italy, Norway, Sweden

UNDP/UN System Experience

Mozambique and Brasil (2003) - co-operation with other, consultants, in a project of reviewing the
tourism legislation of the Government of Mozambique, and for the State of Rio de Janeiro and
Minas Gerais.

1993 - Argentina - privatisation of the railroad system (Belgrano Line in Buenos Aires) and concession
to a private consortium for exploitation.

European Union Experience

1994 - Assistance Mission to the Angolan Parliament - contract no. 7.ACP.ANG.048.


Final Remarks

·       As President of AAYPL - Atlantic Association of Yong Political Leaders, was a member of
several observers mission to elections on the USA (1977 - 1981).

·       Observer and trainer of candidates to the Angola elections for Parliament(July 1992) under
invitation of the USA Democratic National Institute for International Affairs and International
Republican  Institute.

·       Monitor and trainer for several elections in Portugal including for Municipal council (1980 - 1986)

·       Special Law Adviser of the President Miguel Trovoada of the Republic of ST Tomé (1994 - 1996).

·       Consultant for European Commission for the modernisation of the Angola Parliament after
elections, mission accomplished during 1995 (project AT/243 7. FED)

·       Portugal Ambassador to the WTO  - World Tourism Organisation, Madrid (1984 - 1986)