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Bryan Cassidy is Chairman of the Section for the Internal Market, Consumption and Production (INT) of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels.  He has just completed 2 successful years as Co-Chairman of the EU/Turkey Joint Consultative Committee.

From 1984-1999, he was a Member of the European Parliament.  He concentrated on issues affecting business and industry as a member of the Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee and of its Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.  (His current EESC responsibilities cover similar policy areas).

On leaving the Parliament in 1999, he founded Cassidy & Associates International, a consultancy on EU affairs with offices in London, Paris and Brussels.

He organizes familiarization courses in Brussels for French and German business schools for their senior management programmes.  The courses are designed to de-mystify for business people the workings of the European Union.

An acknowledged expert on the workings of the EU, he is also a visiting Woodrow Wilson Fellow on American campuses and he speaks and writes on EU affairs and on lobbying.  He is also a destination lecturer on cruise ships.

He has taken part in election monitoring missions in Siberia (twice), Belarus, the former East Germany, Macedonia and Palestine.

He has an MA in Law from Cambridge University and is a Freeman of the City of London.