Dimmer english

Dimmer english


DIMMER Camille

President of FP-AP

Address : 15 rue de la Paix, L-3541 Dudelange / LUXEMBOURG

Tel. : (+352) 51.65.66 - Mobile : (+352) 621-194.679

e-mail :

Born at Clervaux (Luxembourg), 20 April 1939

Studies :    University of Li├Ęge

                1965 : electronical engineer

                1966 : engineer in applied mathematics

Profession : Head of Department at the Central Administration of
                  ARBED S.A., iron and steel industry,

Languages : Luxembourg, French, German, English, Dutch

Politics : Member of the Parliament of Luxemburg, June 1984-June 1994

Secretary General of the Chr.-Soc. Party, 20 January 1990-14 March 1994

Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, 1989-1994

President of the PPE/DC Group at the Council of Europe, May 1992-April 1994

Honorary Associate of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Medal Pro Merito of the Council of Europe

Marital status : married with Danielle Renson, father of three daughters