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Frey Claude EN





Born                                :     16 July 1943

status                               :     married

Origine                            :     La Chaux-de-Fonds and Birr AG

Address                          :     CH - 2012 Auvernier, 108, route des Clos


Master in economy (option political economy)
University of Neuchâtel.

Present activities

President of the Federal Committee for professional contingency
(Commission fédérale pour la prévoyance professionnelle) (LPP), Bern, since 2004

President or administrator of various companies in banking,
finance and construction

Past activities

MP, Berne, 1979 to 2003

President of the National Council and the Federal Assembly 1994 - 1995

Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 1996 - 2004

Member, then President of the Executive Council of the North-South Centre
of the Council of Europe, Lisbon 2004-2009

President of InterNutrition, Zurich, 2000 - 2009

President of the Swiss Police Institute, Neuchâtel, 1984  -  2003

President of Chocosuisse and Biscosuisse, Bern, 1991 - 2000

President of the Federation of Swiss Food Industries, Bern, 1991-2000

Swiss Employers' Union, Zurich, Member of the Board, then vice-president, 1994 - 2000

Town councillor (executive) and President (mayor) of the town of Neuchâtel,  1975 - 1991