Hunault english

Hunault english




First Vice-President of the FP-AP

President of the Groupe des Anciens Députés

President of the Global Association of associations of former
parliamentarians of the French-speaking countries

Address : 21 rue du Pélican


tel. + 33 2 40 81 02 71

Born on 29 July 1923 at Châteaubriant - Loire Atlantique

Member of the Assemblée Nationale (1962-1983)

5th Circonscription of Loire Atlantique

Honorary MP

Member of the European Parliament, 1968 - 1978

Member of the parliamentary assemblies of the Council of Europe and the WEU (86-93)

General Counsellor of Loire Atlantique (64-88)

Regional Counsellor (72-77)

Mayor of Châteaubriant (59-89)

Decorations :    Officer of the Légion d'honneur

                        Officer of the Ordre national du Mérite