Koenig english

Koenig english



Dkfm. Dr.Dr. KÖNIG Friedrich

Address : Jörgerstr. 21/13

A-1170 Wien


Born in Vienna, March 19, 1933

University degrees in Economics and law.

Professional career : Export, Tourism and Industry

Political career :

President of the Youth Movement of the Austrial People Party, Member
of the Bureaus of the Austrian PP and the Viennese PP.

30 years of service as elected parliamentarian for Vienna, Vice-President
of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Leader of the
delegation of the members of the Austrian People Party to the European Parliament.

Honorary activities :

Honorary chairman of the PP of the 17th district in Vienna

Honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,
charged with European affairs by the blue and white colour workers branch
of the Austrian
People Party and the representation in the bureau of the PPE in Brussels.

Since 2002 representing the national association of former members of the
Austrian Parliament in the European Association.