Nunez Encabo english

Nunez Encabo english




Honorary President of FP-AP

Address : Urbanizacion Monteprincipe A-4, n° 14

Boadilla del Monte, 28660 MADRID


Tel. + fax: + 34 91 352 14 44

Mobile : 679 48 16 16

e-mail :

Born at Muriel Viejo, Soria, Spain

·         Presently President of the European Association of former MP's of the
member states of the Council of Europe or of the European Union
(elected President on 12 March 2004)

·         Member of the Board of the Association of former Spanish parliamentarians

·         1979-1993 : national MP for the PSOE

·         1983-1993 : delegate at the Council of Europe. 1993 : rapporteur
for the resolution on "ethics of journalism", called "European deontology
code for journalism"

·         As President of the sub-commission of university affairs, he has been
a member of the draft committee of the Magna Carta of Universities, signed
at Bologna in 1988 by all European rectors

·         Chair holder of Juridical sciences (department of philosophy of moral
and political law). Information and law faculty. Complutense University, Madrid.

·         European chair holder Jean Monnet of the European Commission on
European citizenship law. Complutense University, Madrid

·         Vice-President of the Atheneum of Madrid and Director of the Permanent
European Forum 

·         Director of the Foundation of the poet Antonio Machado

·         Member of the deontological Committee of Spanish journalism

·         Member of the audio-visual Council of Madrid

·         Numerous decorations

·         Numerous publications on juridical questions, relating to the media
and European politics.