General Assembly in Paris 2009

04.12.2008, 14:37  -  30.06.2010, 23:59

General Assembly in Paris 2009




General Assembly 2009 in Paris 

The General Assembly of the European Association of Parliamentarians took place
from March 12th to March 14th 2009 in Paris.

The main objective of this meeting consisted in improving and modernising the
activities of the European Association of Former Parliamentarians.

On this occasion the new website was started to offer more information on the activities and the events the european association is offering.

Main efforts of modernisation and improvement consisted in:

- preparing a revision of the statutes;
- new administrative and financial guidelines for future events and organisations;
- improving the cooperation with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and
- preparation of the Seminary 2009 of Lisbon on the theme of the statute and role of former parliamentarians.


The Presidency/ 20th March 2009