Seminar Lisbon 2009

Seminar Lisbon 2009




Octobre 23th, 2009
The former parliamentarians in Europe:
What role and what status in the political and civil society?




The seminar, that took place in Lisbon on 23 and 24 October 2009, at the invitation of the Portuguese Association and under the presidency of Mr Camille DIMMER (Luxembourg), has largely kept its promises. On the topic, 'Former parliamentarians in Europe: what role and what status in political and civil society?' and on the basis of the report presented by Mr Luis Nandin de CARVALHO (Portugal), also organiser of the seminar, the discussions proved to be particularly interesting and abounded in proposals. The preparatory proceedings had set the tone with the relevant contributions of the various member associations. 

The possibility of reaching a genuine official status for former parliamentarians dominated the debates during which the following issues were discussed: an honorary title, aid provided by parliaments to national associations, measures to be taken in terms of professional re-entry and to facilitate the involvement of former parliamentarians who so desire in civil society and especially at NGOs. 

A bill aimed at being presented to all national parliaments was even presented. These various proposals should today be followed up by drawing up a list of the matters that can be harmonised at European level.

Also the idea of a European charter for former parliamentarians was agreed to by the delegates. This document could recall the values guiding the FP-AP's work, specify its goals and define its cooperation instruments of which the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation signed on 7 September 2009 between the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the FP-AP is a promising example. 


Before leaving one another the delegates adopted the 'Lisbon Appeal'. This document recalls the FP-AP's underlying principles set out in Article 1 of its statutes: promote the European ideal, contribute to European construction and make European institutions better known. 

The Appeal recommends that the future policies of the FP-AP should allow: consolidation of the value and scope of its colloquies and seminars, optimal use of the potentialities of the Internet site, pursuit of enlargement, and increased participation of member associations in the FP-AP's development and influence.

Last, former parliamentarians of the members countries of the Council of Europe which are not members of the FP-AP are invited to join it by creating national associations. This will enhance all the more the political and legislative experience they have acquired in their respective countries.

The next FP-AP colloquy will take place in Kiev (Ukraine) from 7 to 9 October 2010 on immigration issues. The report will be presented by Mrs JUNKER, representative of the European Parliament Former Members Association (FMA).




The Lisbon Appeal




The delegates of the European Association of Former Members of Parliament of the member states of the Council of Europe convened in a Seminar in Lisbon on Octobre 23th, 2009, thank the Portuguese Association for ist warm welcome and agree to launch the following appeal:

Former European parliamentarians:

Stress the importance they give to the goalss mentioned at art. 1 of the statutes of the European association: promote the European ideal, contribute to the European construction and make the European institutions better known.

Recall that since its official creation in 1994, the FP-AP has not ceased to row and .....



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